Non-GMO Feed at Affordable Prices

At Mosaic Farms, we work to create the highest quality pork and poultry feed we can possibly offer. We do this by working with local farmers and businesses, milling our feed fresh to order, and by providing customers with reliability, consistency, and transparency. We are proud that our Non-GMO feed not only offers excellent nutrition, but we do it with the lowest prices for Non-GMO feed on the west coast. At Mosaic Farms, we are greatful to be a valuable part of the farm community. After years of milling high quality feed we know that the success of your farm is also the success our farm.

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Artisan Pork

Mosaic Farms is an ethical/integrity-based pastured hog operation near Corvallis, OR. We are inspired by the notion that hogs can be raised in a stress free environment, and after 4+ years we know this... Low stress, Clean conditions, and Quality feed lead to tasty pork every time. Although we have raised several breeds of hogs on our farm, the backbone of our pork operation is the Berkshire hog.

Our Local Feed Formula Makes Chow Time a Healthy Treat

We mill our own feed on-farm and source Non-GMO ingredients from local farmers and processors in the Willamette Valley. This creates a flavorful and regionally unique flavor to our feed and our pork. Instead of corn and soy we use wheat and peas. We also use camelina meal to ensure our pork is full of healthy omega-3's. This tasty formula is the perfect complement to the pasture where the piggies also chow on roots, greens, and the occasional worm. The result is flavor and curing quality that you cannot get anywhere else!

Full Circle Ecological Farming

Simply put, curious and free pigs tend to be Agents of Change. As such, these creatures really have a place in annual crop rotations and organic agriculture. Glad to lend a helping snout, the pigs "hog down" cull vegetables and left-over weeds from the prior crop. The pigs toss loose soil back and forth as they set off on their "mission" to snack down and clear the land from the prior vegetable crop. When they are done rooting, they have left the soil soft and added plenty of fertility for the next crop.

Get Up Close to Some Happy Hogs

Do you want to get closer to happy hogs and see Mosaic Farm in motion? Contact us for a tour and we would be glad to show you around. You won't be able to resist a tinge of joy and inspiration as you see pigs treated with respect and raised the way they were meant to be...with plenty of room to romp and run.

We love pigs. We love when they can run and romp outside. We love to give them fresh straw or mud. We love to feed them local, Non-GMO feed that makes them happy and healthy. We love it when other people see the pigs and are inspired and amazed that a hog’s life could be so good. We love it when chefs and friends enjoy our efforts.